Arming Main Street is a news media nonprofit aimed at radicalizing rational discourse. In our polarized climate today, having a civilized conversation about the state of the world sounds almost revolutionary. We believe this is a revolution worth starting. We offer an open-sourced free speech platform for any viewpoint, so long as it is well-researched, respectful, and acknowledging of its own inherent biases. Because, truth is, there’s no such thing as unbiased journalism, or “real” news; truth is subjective, reflective of only a fraction of the 8 billion individual perspectives simultaneously interpreting our world.
By creating a space where those perspectives can coexist, we can begin to identify the nuanced throughlines between them. We radicalize the rational. We find common ground, not compromise.
We democratize the most dangerous weapon there is: knowledge. #ArmYourSelf 🛠️


Connor Borrego (Co-Host) is a nerdy, socially awkward dude who hates seeing the ways in which big business, technocrats, and politicians have conspired to kill the American Dream. Relatable no? Only he also happens to have dedicated his life to fixing it.
Kendall Poindexter (Co-Host) can’t run for President of the United States for another decade, so in the meantime, he’s hacking his way there – coding software, legitimizing podcasts, and shooting bald eagles. (Only in HDR, though, of course.)
Casimir M. Stone (Producer) wins awards for podcasts, essays, and stories when he’s not too busy working on the Great American Novel. And he knows some SEO – Google “Best Novels Of The 21st Century” and his favorite books come up first.


If you want to speak up, read our contributor framework and reach out below. We welcome writers across the spectrum, libtards to trolls, so long as you’re self-aware and down to buck the divisive status quo.