The Mission of Arming Main Street

Our mission is to end corruption by providing an equitable societal infrastructure.

We intend to leverage the trustless nature of emerging blockchain technologies to provide a baseline of personal transparency, ensuring that personal freedoms can be guaranteed without infringing on the freedoms of others.

The digitalCARTL Credo

  • We believe in common ground, not compromise.
  • We believe that transparency and accountability are the backbone to any just an equitable society.
  • We believe corruption is the result of complex systems of organization interacting with one another, where undisclosed personal interests disrupt the will of public collectives and introduce chaos into predictable and rational outcomes.
  • We believe in the value of individuality and pursuing personal interests for its contributions to society throughout history.
  • We believe that respectful discourse is necessary to unwind the complex nature of the human experience.
  • Above all, we believe in the transparency and organization of information, data, knowledge, and collective human intelligence in order to speed up our problem solving processes and provide a common set of facts to support our experiences as individuals.

About The digitalCARTL

The digitalCARTL, pronounced Digital Cartel, refers to representatives of our organization, financial supporters, and community members who evangelize our cause.

The name comes from the Spanish word for poster, bill, sign, reputation, and/or drug enterprise – but a more nuanced definition would be “anti-competitive cooperation among businesses within scale enterprises.” (Which, ironically, is also criminal.)

We use the hammer and wrench iconography to represent the nonstop work required to maintain and grow a society, and the weapons scariest to the ruling class: knowledge and creativity. Not to mention, wrenches are a little less loaded than sickles. #ArmYourSelf 🛠️

The polarization and gridlock in politics has caused the majority of us to tune out and distrust the systems governing our reality, losing hope of ever fixing the issues we are passionate about. But just like power, powerlessness is an illusion, too. We all have power to change – the world and ourselves. 

We are a decentralized, apolitical organization pledged to transparency and accountability, and seeking to understand the nuanced nature of the problems facing humanity. We welcome all who are willing to engage in thoughtful discussion to take our pledge and join our ranks, so we can identify solutions, not just problems.