Arming Main Street is a “headless” free speech platform, without branding, biases, or hierarchy. It is a community of people who believe acting in the interest of others is in our own self interest as well, and who believe the sharing of any point-of-view will help us to understand every point-of-view.

We encourage any and everyone to share their opinion, experience, and perspective, on equal and equitable footing, so long as it follows the following framework, for the purpose of creating an accountable, transparent community of diverse perspectives, free-flowing knowledge, and factual information, without agenda or division.

1.) Intent

a.) The Work must be created in service of widening our common ground, rather than deepening the cultural divide, entrenching yourself in an opinion, or sacrificing another.

b.) The Work must not contain hateful language without context, biases without admission, or content intended to harass, hurt, or dehumanize another.

c.) The Work must be rooted in and referential to your own perspective and experience; not prescriptive, judgmental, or critical of another.

2.) Content

a.) Any questions in the Work should be presented neutrally, or answered through personal experience or objectivity.

b.) Any quotes, statistics, or facts present in the Work must be accompanied by a cited source.

c.) Any opinion or biases present in the Work must be identified as such.

3.) Patent

a.) The Work must be original, truthful, and created and owned by the Individual publishing it to the Platform.

b.) The Individual will retain ownership of the Work and all data associated with it.

c.) The Platform is a decentralized, free-use, non-profit organization, and maintains the right to circulate all Work published to the Platform without ownership or liability.

By publishing Work to the Platform, you agree to follow the framework above, and will be removed from the community for violating it. Arming Main Street is not the place to take up arms against others. It is the one place you can go to #ArmYourSelf and everyone else too.