Main St | Is Global Warming Real?

Short answer? No. But climate change is. Our new podcast, Arming Main Street Radio, tackles a groundbreaking concept to the news media cartel: spreading the truth. And, in the pilot episode, we deep dive into the “extinction event” everyone from Greta to Q is so up in arms about – what it is, why it is, and how to fix it. We don’t believe in problems. Only solutions. So, if you’re sick of feeling powerless every time you turn on the TV, here’s a show for you.

Arming Main Street Radio: A Great American Podcast is an average show made by average hosts for us average folks. We know the world doesn’t need another podcast. But it does need some good old fashioned pirate radio. I don’t know about you, but I could use help digging through the waves of reactionary clickbait bullshit I’m bombarded with whenever I log into Facebook or flip through my Discover feed. The truth is, there are important, world-shattering things happening every day. They just have very little do with whatever it is the specialists are saying about the pandemic or the President just tweeted. In fact, I’d argue there’s someone far more qualified to discover the truth than any institutionally-appointed “expert”: you.

For example, as someone who doesn’t really know shit about science or politics, here’s what I learned from the latest casual conversation in our basement. (Spoiler alert: a lot more than from the 24 hours news cycle on CNN.)

1.) “Global warming” is shitty marketing. Texas doesn’t look too toasty this time of year. But that’s exactly why we should worry about the changing climate – when’s the last time the Alamo was covered in two feet of snow?

2.) If electric cars were half as bad ass as Porsche 911s (or even a Ford F-150s) we wouldn’t be having a conversation in the first place.

3.) Fixing it is going to come down to big and little changes, from the government, the plutocrats, and us. But make no mistake: we’re all in agreement about who should do the heavy lifting.

We break it all down in-depth in the episode, embedded below. See for yourself, subscribe to the channel, and follow us everywhere @armingmainst for more news our way: basic, unbiased, and bullshit-less. #ArmYourSelf​ 🛠