Penn Ave | In An Ideal World

In an ideal world? We would be good to each other because it is in every one’s best interest. We would not have taxes because stealing is bad. We would not have wars because everyone knows the same things. We would not have borders because they don’t exist. We would not be conscious because the world was in equilibrium before the snake poisoned the fruit and no one knew God from Adam and he didn’t know Eve from Jesus or heaven from evil or apples from oranges or a chicken with its head cut off from a skull in Coyote’s jaw because life and nature flowed concurrently. But now we have houses and indoor plumbing and liberty and comfort and truth can be personalized and bloodlines survive through childbirth and it is not an ideal world. It will never be one. But now we have healthcare and science and diagnoses, definitions, industrial-sized egos, and concepts to divide things and ten thousand dollars in our savings accounts. This is the world we have. It is not an ideal world. That is just how we imagine it. The question is how do we make them one and the same?